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Dress Code Comes Under Fire
       A group of parents in Whitwell, Tennessee were upset along with their children regarding recent changes to their dress code. In this isolated case, many children were sent home on their first day of school due to not being in compliance with the new code. Parents were also upset with the changes the school dress code had placed on their lives. This is a singular case in which both parents and children alike were resistant to dress code changes.
Public Schools Adopting Dress Codes
       School uniforms in public school systems in some parts of the country have become more the norm than an option. The school systems in larger cities such as Miami, Cleveland, and Boston have adopted either mandatory or elective policies in the wearing of uniforms. Although the article speaks of more widespread use and of successes in using uniforms, the article also speaks of using regulatory features in their policies so that others feeling that the policy would discriminate would be recognized.
School Uniforms - Quick Fix Or Bad Call,1120,5-4116,00.html
       This article helps to discuss the pros and cons of schools deciding of whether or not to institute school uniforms in their systems. Pro statements are those that tend toward the opinion that use of uniforms could affect violence in schools, due to the fact that some students are picked on due to the the clothes they wear. The cons seem to take the same clothing comment, and insist that clothes are the statement of the individual. In either situation, it is stressed that school systems should make decisions to have or not have uniforms based on their own personal needs.
Uniforms Get Credit for Decrease in Discipline Problems
       This article provides a lengthy but very interesting history of how school dress codes have been contested in state and federal courts over the last thirty years. It illustrates the progressive change of the litigated issues—from anti-war arm bands to baggy jeans—and offers a not-so-subtle opinion about why many of these disputes waste the court’s time and discourage common-sense decisions about student attire by schools. If you are curious about how the courts have handled these issues or if you are considering suing your child’s school district for its dress code, this article will give you some extremely relevant history.
School Uniforms
       For a quick overview of the recent school uniform trend in public schools and a substantial list of hyperlinks to Teacher Magazine on the Web articles on uniforms, parents should read through this short article. It addresses the issues of why schools have increasingly been using uniforms, what results they achieve and the controversy over their use. Parents can best use the site for its other articles and materials listed, all accessible on the Internet.