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ParentSmart's website facilitates your search for information on the Internet in two ways. First, our team has evaluated scores of websites and selected the ones that have extensive and useful articles about education—approximately 50,000 articles total. We designed a search engine that will look in all levels of those websites for articles matching the keyword(s) you enter, and present those results to you. The best, most exact matches are rated with four stars, next best with three stars, and so on. You may then click on an article's link to read it.

Second, ParentSmart's team also provides reliable reviews of articles to help direct your search for information. Our articles are sorted by category and you may select any topic to read our reviews of articles on that subject. If, after perusing our review, you wish to read the article, we provide that link, as well.

In addition, we feature subjects we think are of special interest to parents and educators in our "Monthly Highlights" section. We try to anticipate your questions and concerns by featuring topics that coincide with school milestones throughout the year.

We welcome any recommendations, comments, and questions from our audience. Please feel free to contact us at any time and we'll respond as soon as possible.

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Why did we create ParentSmart?

This is your guide to the best and most helpful information about how to help your child succeed in school. The busy life you lead requires that you make the most efficient use of your time for the priorities in your life.

Pressures to be a good parent are increased daily by the rapidly expanding amount of information (good and bad) available on the Internet. Our job, on your behalf, is to tackle that mass of information about schools and make sense of it for you by using our experience to evaluate it so that you can use it.

Your child in school and how well your child succeeds in school rank high among your top priorities. Research evidence makes it very clear that "when parents are involved in their children's education at home,their children do better in school. When parents are involved at school, their children go further in school, and the schools they go to are better."

You want those benefits for your child. We are here to help you get those benefits in the shortest amount of time, by evaluating and rating information so that you are presented with the best and most reliable information about schools. Our approach is a unique service for parents.

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Who Are We?

Stan Salett is the founder of ParentSmart. He also initiated the National Upward Bound Program and played a leadership role with William Rioux in establishing the widely respected Headstart program. In addition Salett and Rioux co-founded the National Committee for Citizens in Education, an organization dedicated to informing and organizing parents of children in public schools.

William Rioux, Ed.D., is a widely experienced educator in programs and settings that range from early childhood education through higher education. He played a leadership role in the founding of the Head Start program and in the co-founding of the National Committee for Citizens in Education, with a view to increasing parent involvement in public schools. He has held positions in public schools and the federal government, and he served as president of a small college for several years. Dr. Rioux has a long-standing commitment to improving the quality of public schools with a particular focus on urban areas.

Nancy Berla was for 10 years a senior staff member of the National Committee for Citizens in Education with leadership responsibilities for developing and managing a national toll-free hotline for parents. She is the author of numerous publications for parents and has served as a consultant to organizations concerned with improving the quality of education for children in public schools.

Lewis Eigen, Ph.D is president and chief executive officer of Social & Health Services, Ltd. (SHS), one of the country’s leading education and health communications organizations. He has unusually broad experience spanning high school and university teaching and research, human services work, publishing, and government service. He has served in both the public and private sectors—as the chief executive officer of a publicly traded corporation, Educational Design Inc., and as Associate Director of the U.S. Job Corps, and Professor of Educational Psychology, Temple University.

David Pines is an experienced educator, workshop leader and trainer, and youth program planner. After more than 15 years as a classroom teacher and administrator, he began working in the health promotion and disease prevention field. Since 1990 he has directed youth-oriented foundation activities involving national and international action on substance abuse, sustainable development, media literacy, and youth empowerment.

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