parentsmart logo Rating Guide
All of the articles we review provide accurate information. However, we find that some are easier to read and understand. Others are more useful to parents because they suggest specific actions to take to solve problems. By rating the articles, we enable parents to find the most relevant articles quickly and easily.

These articles provide solid information, concisely presented. It provides an objective prospective on the topic and it is easy to understand. These articles are addressed to parents and includes specific actions for parents to take.


These articles contain good information, but not as comprehensive as the three apple rated articles. These articles may not include suggestions for parent action.


These articles may be longer, contain theoretical information and may not be addressed to parents. They may also include anecdotal examples and use jargon or language that is targeted to educators. They may also present one side of a controversial issue. These articles may present information to parents that is more detailed.

If you have any questions regarding our rating system or would like to submit an article for review, please e-mail Stan Salett, Principal Associate, at