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Welcome to ParentSmart is a great Internet resource for educators, counselors, and parents. Our advanced search function finds the most up-to-date information on any issue involving children and education in English, Spanish, and French. ParentSmart also provides reliable reviews of articles found on the Internet.

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Early Childhood Education
Head Start, Kindergarten Readiness, More...

School Practices
Discipline, Dress Codes & School Uniforms, Testing/Student Evaluation, Ability Grouping/Tracking, More...

Gifted Children Programs, Whole Language & Phonics, Reading, Computers & Technology, More...

Special Education
ADD & ADHD, IEP, Learning Disabilities, Special Needs, More...

Student Issues
Adolescence, College & Career Choices, Dropout Prevention, Minority Student Issues, More...

Current Educational Issues
Charter Schools, Home Schooling, More...

Parent Issues
Back to School, Homework, Parent Involvement, Latchkey Children, More...

School Health & Safety
Drugs, Playground Safety, Smoking, Violence, More...

Girl Power
Center for Mental Health Services
Your Time Their Future
Reality Check